Skill-based Navigation and Localization for Mobile Robots

Software package providing localization and navigation capabilities for mobile robots with different kinematic structures. The software package is fully integrated into the skill framework provided by the OSPS.

Manufacturing companies require expedite and intuitive ways to setup, adjust, and configure the locomotion of mobile robots within their industrial plants. Currently, installation and setup of mobile robots is mostly done through the use of physical devices on spot (i.e. localization beacons, magnetic tapes, etc.). This solution advances the current state-of-the-art mobile locomotion technology, as it replaces traditional robotics expertise to setup, configure, and adapt the behaviour of mobile robots. In addition, existing solutions seem to fail to cope with the coordination of a fleet of mobile robots.

- Easily and intuitively allow non-roboticists to define, configure, and adapt mobile robotic behaviour using a skill-based programming approach.
- Set of robotic software for allowing navigation and localization of mobile robots in unstructured industrial environments without the need of physical devices placement.
- The software can be applied in a multitude of different mobile platforms.
- This software also provides the means for coordinating a fleet of mobile robots.