Simulator-optimizer tool

Industrial real-time simulation and optimization tool

This tool provides a solid understanding of the system’s behaviour and its sensitivity to different parameters, by combining optimization algorithms with simulation methods. It responds to the needs of the supply chain and the manufacturing system, ensuring that the system and the supply chain are readily adaptable and flexible to change according to the system’s current nature or customer specification, without having to sacrifice performance or incurring in additional costs.

- IoT Platform integration
The simulator-optimizer tool connects to the IoT platform and read/write data from/to the manufacturing system and other FASTEN components
- Optimization of supply chain design
The tool uses optimization-simulation methods to determine the optimal supply chain design for a supply chain integrated with additive manufacturing
- Optimization of job shop system balancing
The tool uses optimization-simulation methods to determine where to allocate manufacturing resources and which tasks to execute. It also calculates a series of KPIs for the manufacturing process.