Robotic Skills for kitting operations

Robotic software modules for performing kitting operations interfacing with a multi-product Automated Warehouse System (AWS). The set of skills are generic enough to be re-used with several different components and kit configurations

The effectiveness of automating kitting operations is often limited due to the diversity of products. Problem-specific and ad hoc solutions are available on the market for limited purposes. Therefore, there is a clear lack of a truly scalable and generic approach for automating kitting operations using robots.

- Generic skills that provide versatility to adapt to multiple use cases, environments, and platforms.
- Easy-to-program interfaces transfer the configuration of new components and teaching new processes from roboticists to the application specialist (possibly with limited or without robotics knowledge)
- A generic kitting robotic skill suite that is easy to adapt to different use cases, components, environments and platforms, and that can be easily configured by application specialists