Service for real-time monitoring and performance management

Service for real-time industrial monitoring and performance management

This activity consists in assisting manufacturing companies with i) the identification of relevant indicators and parameters to be monitored,   ii) the design of decision-making data driven visualization dashboards, iii) the identification of the inputs to the suite (e.g., KPIs, simulation-optimization results, predictive performance information, and  user-defined requirements), iv) the implementation of the Real-time monitoring and performance management suite, and v) the connection of the suite within existing architectures and platforms.

- Customized
This service identifies the relevant indicator and parameters to be monitored specific for each manufacturing company.
- Dashboards
The suite contains data driven visualization dashboards.
- Integration
The suite is integrated with existing architectures and platforms (e.g., FASTEN Simulator-optimizer tool, and FASTEN Predictive and prescriptive analytic tool).