FASTEN “mission” is to develop, demonstrate, validate, and disseminate an integrated and modular framework for efficiently producing custom-designed products. More specifically, FASTEN will demonstrate an open and standardized framework to produce and deliver tailored-designed products, capable to run autonomously and deliver fast and low cost additive manufactured products. This will be achieved by effectively pairing digital integrated service/products to additive manufacturing processes, on top of tools for decentralizing decision-making and data interchange. Sophisticated software technologies for self-learning, self-optimizing, and advanced control will be applied to build a full connected additive manufacturing system. ThyssenKrupp and Embraer are two of these companies that must overcome challenges of this nature, in order to cope with an increasing demand diversity, products with shorter life cycles, and the need for supplying low volumes per order, requiring flexible solutions capable to effectively manufacture and deliver personalized products.



To foster digital manufacturing sustainability and be an enabler of technology development between Brazil and Europe;
To provide a multi-disciplinary decision support tool that will improve the trade-off analysis;
To contribute to the competitiveness of Brazilian and European industries.


Develop and demonstrate a flexible and scalable robotic system and its integration with mass customization production lines;
Standardize data repository and decision-making integration, from end-users (consumers) services to the manufacturing and supply levels;
Optimize, synchronize, and improve the coordination in real-time of the production and logistic activities;
Validate and demonstrate the FASTEN Framework in two cross-sectorial industrial pilot case;
Improve the overall supply-chain performance and decision-making effectiveness;
Validate technology and IoT architectures.

Research Work Packages

This work package aims to design and develop a flexible and scalable mobile robotic system, capable of handling a diverse set of components, as well as navigate a dynamic environment, to be applied in two industrial facilities in Europe and Brazil. This work package also envisions the required components which will allow an interconnection with the Industrial IoT Platform and, through it, the Predictive Real-time Simulation and Optimization Systems, using state-of-art technologies and protocols.


Technical and Functional Requirement Analysis and System Interoperability
Sensing, Object Recognition, and Localization
Object Grasping
Localization and Navigation of the Mobile Platform

The objective of this WP is to design an Industrial IoT architecture made of open source components coming from different recent initiatives in the field of Future Internet (FIWARE), IoT (OpenIoT) and CPS (CRYSTAL and SOFIA) and to tailor them to Industry 4.0 and RAMI 4.0. Integration, experimentation and testing will be conducted in the two FASTEN industrial facilities in EU and Brazil.

  • To design a RAMI 4.0 compliant Reference Architecture for Industrial IoT and Industrial Analytics based on previous R&I projects
  • To develop and integrate open source components able to interoperate the Reference Architecture with FASTEN-specific Real and Digital world assets (cybersecurity aspects will be tackled as well)
  • To test, experiment and evaluate the resulting solution in the two FASTEN Industrial Pilots in EU and Brazil


Technology selection and Industrial IoT Reference Architecture
Development of open source components and integration
Testing, experimentation and technical assessment of the Platform

This work package aims to design and develop a real-time application for monitoring of manufacturing system performance, using simulation, virtual commissioning, optimization and predictive analytical tools. High interaction with the Robot and Manufacturing Systems Integration and with the Unified IoT Cloud Platform is expected. The design and development of the application will encompass the use of state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques to allow reconfiguring and adapting the manufacturing system to changing user requirements.


Manufacturing System Design and Virtual Commissioning
FASTEN Holistic Simulator-Optimizer Tool
FASTEN Predictive and Prescriptive Analytic Tool
FASTEN Real-time Monitoring and Performance Management Suite

Who is Involved?