Predictive Simulator-Optimizer Consultancy Services for assembly lines

Predictive Simulator-optimizer tool for assembly lines

This service helps companies leverage their internal operations, both on supply chain and manufacturing environments. The service is customized to each client’s problems and possible areas of usage include production scheduling, resource allocation, supply chain design and factory layout redesign. To handle these problems, methods based both on simulation and optimization will be used. Other than the solution definition, the consultancy service also provides process and data mapping, in order to understand the problem and data associated with it, and a presentation with final recommendations, to show the clients the suggested actions to solve their problems.

- Customized
This service identifies the specific needs of each customer to solve its problem.
- Multi-disciplinary
The service involves expertise on a set of multiple technological areas (optimization,
simulation, artificial intelligence)
- Integration
The different areas of knowledge are integrated to create effective solutions.

This service is based on a simulator-optimizer tool that provides the following functionality:

- IoT Platform integration

The simulator-optimizer tool connects to the IoT platform and reads/writes data from/to the manufacturing system and other FASTEN components

- Optimization of job shop system balancing

The tool uses optimization-simulation methods to determine where to allocate manufacturing resources and which tasks to execute. It also calculates a series of KPIs for the manufacturing process.

- Prediction of remaining useful life

The tool uses machine learning algorithms to calculate the remaining useful life of specific hardware components

- Real-time monitoring

The tool collects and shows real-time data coming from the shop floor to its users through a web interface