About Intellimech

Intellimech is a Consortium of high-tech enterprises dedicated to interdisciplinary research into Mechatronics, which comprises advanced electronics, computer and ICT systems and mechanical design for application in a wide range of industrial fields.
Given its size “Intellimech” is the most important Italian private initiative in this sector, and can count on the cooperation of a large number of enterprises of varying size but all distinguished by their same technological level and industrial prestige, which operate throughout a widespread area of northern Italy, from Friuli to Piemonte.
The Consortium manages R&D and interdisciplinary experimental activities into pre-competitive technological platforms and the production of prototypes for innovative infrasectorial applications. Technology integration methods are used to get new research levels and implement innovation processes (radical, incremental, product and process) and technological discontinuity which could then generate the development of new propriety applications.
The Consortium wants to create an environment where their partners can view the opportunities offered by automation and robotics and by applying the new technology, and to offer technical assistance and consultation, assist in personnel training and managing the communications, technical and scientific information and disseminating technology.

In addition to Intellimech general projects, which results are usable by the whole members, the Consortium is able to develop research activities on demands for some members and for other enterprises external to the Consortium, developing specified projects of the costumer property.

Whole projects will be realized in the Intellimech Laboratory in Kilometro Rosso with the collaboration of assigned researcher and with the scientific and technologic knowledge of the most skilled national and international academic research team.


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