Open Scalable Production System

An Industry 4.0 framework for integration of Cyber-Physical Systems with existing Production Systems.

The Open Scalable Production System (OSPS) is an Industry 4.0 framework for flexible and integrated production systems. It comprises the Advanced Plant Model (APM), a software framework that acts as rendezvous between Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and robotic solutions running in the shop floor, providing a synchronized virtual representation of the manufacturing environment (Digital Twin). Additionally, the framework implements an Industry 4.0 Production Manager, able to coordinate human operators, robots, and automation equipment in a reliable and efficient way.

- Availability of plant wide manufacturing data, with real time accuracy.
- Reliably assigning and tracking manufacturing tasks to human operators, robots, and automation equipment.
- Task-level orchestration on Cyber-Physical Systems
- Skill-based robot programming ideology