FIWARE Components Based IIoT Platform

Open source industrial IOT platform based on integrated FIWARE components.

Outcome is the so called “FIWARE Lane” which is a tested platform integrating several FIWARE components offering a wider set of functionalities in respect to the sum of the components. Software components are open source. Major functionalities are: Event brokering, Event storage, Real-time Monitoring and Alerting, Time-series optimized storage and Machine-to-Machine feedback.

- Open Source based for a low-cost initial investment and not to go on competition with big market players.
- Large number of off-the-shelf and easy-to-configure modules enabling the modularity of the platform in order to choose what the customer needs.
- Scalable from both technical and business point-of-view again for a low-cost initial investment allowing to start from a small Proof of Concept, grow with small project and grow to encompass the whole customer environment.
- Active community all over the world ensure support and improvements.